Booze Break 2020

My October 30 day booze free challenge was such an amazing success! The folks who participated learned so much about why they drink in excess, how much money they spent on booze each month and started feeling healthy and energized. Everyone in the group provided so much love and support! 

January is always a wonderful time to take inventory of your health and habits that may not be serving you well. My 30 day alcohol free challenge isn't only about quitting, it's about getting connected to your drinking habit and replacing with better options so that when you do decide to drink, it feels more like a luxury and less like a necessity.  



The group was really positive for me, and I’ve realized after the 30 days are up, that I’ve got a few other variables to work on but that the booze doesn’t help. The time I was committed and not drinking with the group was some of the best nights sleeping and days out the gate in the AM that I can recall. 

I really really value and respond well to your approach Ellen, and the concept of a group of supportive peers even if and maybe especially because we are all spread all over the globe. It’s a plus that is extra plus because of our distributed digital lives. And you are a very awesome host, cheerleader and conversation/introspection initiator! 

- J.T.

Thank you Ellen for creating this forum! Opened our eyes and minds!  I saved at least $200 a month on not drinking wine ! -  C.C. 

How does it work?

Booze Break is a 30 day program that allows you to connect to yourself and really understand why you drink.   Stress drinking is quite normal and we use it to numb old wounds or to reduce anxiety.  This 30 day Booze Break will give you more insight as to when you drink in excess and provide better coping mechanisms.

You will receive daily inspiration through our Facebook support group.  I must say, the last group was super loving, supportive and it is and always will be a judgement free zone.  In the Facebook group we play by a set of rules that provides a safe space to open up and share without unsolicited advice.

You will receive an online course through Thinkables where you can review all of the self reflection exercises and stories.  There, I share my experiences of my drinking days and how I was able to quit for good almost 5 years ago!

I am interested!! Where do I sign up?

I would be delighted to have you in our January group!  

Need more info? No problem! Fill out this form and I'll get back to you!